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Company Law Matters

We provide compliance services in respect of following :
  • Incorporation of Private limited, limited, Section 8 (Non-profit), Producer Company, One person Company and special purpose vehicles
  • Conversions of Body Corporates into other legal entities
  • Alterations in Memorandum and articles pursuant to changes in name, objects, capital, registered office and other clauses
  • Preparation, Certification and Filing of various forms with the Registrar of Companies (RoC)
  • Filing of annual return and financial statements with MCA
  • Conversion of annual report of company in XBRL
  • Changes in Board of Directors and KMPs
  • Documentation and arrangement with respect to meetings of Board, members and other stakeholders
  • Compliance with respect to funding through Issue of share, debentures and other securities through various types of offers
  • Obtaining ISIN and Dematerialization of shares
  • Maintenance of minutes, registers and other records as per company law and secretarial standards
  • Closure of companies through various modes
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